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Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook

Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook (second edition)

Written by: Dr. Gary Pratico and Dr. Miles Van Pelt

List Price: $22.99
Size: 8-1/2 x 11
ISBN: 0-310-27022-7
Publisher: Zondervan

Answer key

The answer key and many other resources are available on our resources page.


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This workbook is designed for use with Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, which presents a new, integrated method for teaching and learning Old Testament Hebrew. Field-tested in actual classroom settings, Basics of Biblical Hebrew combines the best of inductive and deductive approaches to make learning Hebrew a natural process and to show students from the very beginning how understanding Hebrew helps them understand the Old Testament.

  • Most of the exercises consist of partial or complete verses taken directly from the Old Testament
  • Words the students may not yet be familiar with are footnoted
  • Unusual grammatical constructions are explained in footnotes
  • Field-tested at a number of colleges and seminaries
  • Complete answer key provided in the CD-ROM in the Basics of Biblical Hebrew textbook.

Publisher's description

The Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook has just gotten better. In order to keep students from becoming discouraged, especially in the beginning stages, the authors have decided to give more vocabulary aid, so students do not have to spend all their time trying to look up words in a dictionary. Many of the minor changes in this workbook have come as a result of professor and student feedback.