Welcome to BillMounce.com, your online home for learning Old Testament Hebrew. All the resources created for you by Drs. Garty Pratico and Miles Van Pelt. If you want to learn biblical Hebrew, this is the place to start.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew

If your goal is to learn to read the Hebrew Testament, then have we got the resources for you!

  • The textbook and workbook, Basics of Biblical Hebrew
  • Our online course that walks you through their textbook. You can view the first four lessons for free.

Free resources for download

Answer key to the workbook.

FlashWorks, our software vocabulary program

TekniaHebrew, our free font for writing Hebrew

All of the verbal paradigms included in the BBH grammar (pdf, 609kb)

Alternative Grammar Presentations: Chapter 17 Wayyiqtol and Weqatal (pdf, 165kb)

Alternative Grammar Presentations: Chapter 17 Waw Consecutive (pdf, 152kb)

An alphabetical list of all the words in the 1,000 cards included in the box of Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards. There are two editions of these cards.

Resources you can purchase

Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar, the cornerstone of all these resources.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook, the indispensable companion to the grammar.

English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew, all the stuff from English class you now wish you had learned.

Summary sheets. 2 pages (4 sides) in laminated plastic summarizing the Basics of Biblical Hebrew

Vocabulary flash cards. All words that occur 30 or more times (except proper names). (You can download a PDF file of all these words listed for you.)

Vocabulary Guide contain Hebrew words sorted by frequency, charts of all types, and more.

Vocabulary CD allows you to hear the words spoken properly.

Survival Kit combines the summary sheets, vocabulary cards, and Basics of Biblical Hebrew Audio CD

The Graded Reader helps you read through larger passages of the Hebrew Testament.

Basics of Biblical Aramaic

Here is basic information on BBA and some handouts.

Meet the authors

Dr. Gary Pratico is professor of Old Testament at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MASS. He has been teaching Hebrew and Aramaic for over thirty years. (Read more)

Dr. Miles Van Pelt is associate professor of Old Testament and academic dean at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. He has been teaching Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic for over ten years. (Read more)