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One Week Sale: Greek Videos on USB (with bonus)

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Dear Friends,

Having lived in Kentucky for High School and College, I have to rejoice in Monday's game.

To celebrate, we are putting the Greek video lectures on sale (USB flash drive), $20 off, for just one week!

We are also including a second USB with all sorts of free stuff:

  • New introductory lectures
  • Workbook answers (pdf)
  • mp3 of all the vocabulary
  • PowerPoint and Keynote slides for each chapter

So hurry on over to Teknia and get yours today.


Bill Mounce

P.S. To be fair, Michigan played an incredible game.

P.S. Please start your shopping at Amazon at; we donate all affiliate fees to Come to the home page and click on the Amazon graphic; you can also create a custom bookmark so that you do not have to come to Teknia. Donations are listed here, at the bottom of the page.