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Dear Friends,

Lots of cool stuff going on at Teknia. I was finally able to carve out some time from my responsibilities at to update my favorite Greek site!


Version 5 is finally ready for download

  • Significantly rewritten code; FlashWorks no longer drops into the task bar on Windows.
  • Uses unicode to display Greek (TekniaGreek is no longer required).
  • The most requested feature is added: you can now work with just the words you have missed in the current session. As you use FlashWorks, use the “Right” and “Wrong” buttons. To work with the ones you got wrong, go to File|Session information and click the button, “Work with the words you have missed this sessions.”
  • Lots of little things you probably will never notice.
  • Has both Greek and Hebrew databases.

Please use Teknia's Contact page for any issues that might develop. Please read the instructions carefully about sound if you want FlashWorks to say the words. Thanks to those who have donated to cover my development costs.


Thanks again to those who have helped me debug the new ParseWorks, accessible through the online class. Turns out the problem was not the code; the data had become corrupted. There is still some funky stuff going on (says the lexical form is wrong when it isn't), but I wanted all of you to know that the big issue of the data had been fixed.

By the way, I added in a feature. If you don't want to learn unicode (even though you should), you can enter the lexical form with English transliteration. See the online help for instructions.

I wanted to warn you that you are about to see some big changes on the website, I am in the middle of a major rewrite so that you can more easily access the online class through your phones and tablets. Starting next week, don't be surprised to see some disruption of the website. and Amazon

Please remember to start your Amazon shopping at Teknia. Click the Amazon link on Teknia's home page and shop as normal. You can even create custom bookmarks in your browser and you don't have to start at Teknia (instructions are here). We donate the affiliate fees to; so far we have been able to give over $13,000.

All this is made possible by those who are using my textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, and are purchasing the lectures. That income allows me to do all this. Thanks.


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