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FlashWorks has been updated. There are no new features (no one is asking), but there are two important improvements.

  • Runs on the latest version of Mac and Windows (64 bit for your techies)
  • New installer that includes the Greek sound files.

You can download the latest version of FlashWorks ( Macintosh | Windows ). For more information, see the FlashWorks page.

If you are using another language database, install this update and copy your database to the right location. (Instructions are included in the installer.)

Online class

The vocabulary, parsing, warmup, and translation exercises have been updated to match the fourth edition of Basics of Biblical Greek. I am sure there is still some tweaking I will need to do, but the basic work is done. Thanks for your patience.


As always, I am glad to provide these resources for free. If you would like to help cover some of my overhead costs, you can donate through the PayPal button below.