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I want to thank each of you who have donated to help support the costs of running and enabling me to produce so much free material. Last week I upgraded the server for the web version of ParseWorks and FlashWorks. It’s an extra $50/month, but now these two apps will actually work. Thanks.

I also finished all the vocabulary videos for the Bible Study Greek online class. These are the words that occur 150 or more times in the Greek Testament. Now, when you go into the vocabulary for chapters 3–12, you will have a video similar to my Greek Word of the Day series to help you memorize your vocabulary. Now I will start on creating these videos for the Biblical Greek class built for my Basics of Biblical Greek.

I am starting to convert the Greek over to unicode so the Greek will display better, so don't be surprised if some of the Greek is jumbled up a bit.

On a personal note, my wife (Robin) and I are still waiting for the birth of our first grandchild. Due date was yesterday. But if you have to be quarantined while you wait, Balboa Island in southern California is a great place to be. I can't remember seeing the beaches so empty.