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Monday, October 31, 2022

Why does the NIV add the word “All” in Romans 3:24?

Because Greek is an inflected language, the grammar contains meaning that often is lost in translation. This is why translators have to add in words at times. They aren't adding to Scripture; they are trying to convey the full meaning of the grammar. The use of the word “all" in the NIV of Romans 3:24 is a good example.


I interpret the Bible to reflect paradoxes, both predestination and free will are equally true. I attend a reformed Baptist church where my elders believe that all doesn't mean all. It means only those people who God chose and empowered to accept the gospel. So either Ethnos should not be translated all which I could agree on or it does mean all and Jesus did die for everyone of all time. I believe that God is sovereign and he finished his plan of salvation on the cross and therefore only died for thr elect AND Jesus died for everyone, giving everyone a choice to freely accept his gift otherwise God would not have revealed anything to us. What would be the point of the disciples and the gospel and evangelism since we all are predestined? Without freedom there is no responsibility for sin. God couldn't hold us accountable for our actions if we have no choice. What do you say?