Bill Mounce

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καρδία means “heart; inner self.”

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your καρδία” (Matt 22:37).

Mounce's Expository Dictionary (abridged): 

Noun: καρδία (kardia), GK G2840 (S G2588), 156x. καρδία denotes the “heart.” The metaphorical use of this word dominates in the NT. καρδία covers the whole range of activities that go on within one’s inner self, including thinking (Mk. 2:6,8), grieving (Jn. 16:6), rejoicing (Jn. 16:22), desiring (Rom. 1:24), understanding (Eph. 1:18), and decision-making (2 Cor. 9:7). The center of one’s spiritual life is in the καρδία, where there may be temptation (Jn. 13:2), devotion (Lk. 12:34), faith (Rom. 10:9), or doubt (Lk. 24:38). Paul teaches that salvation is a matter of the heart (Rom. 10:9–10), but the human heart by itself cannot accomplish it (Eph. 2:8). The Lord must open the καρδία, enabling a person to respond to his grace (Acts 16:14).