Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Chapter 3 Vocabulary

We will not be learning nearly as many vocabulary words as you would in traditional Greek, but it is important to learn some. Otherwise, every word in your reverse interlinear will be unknown to you.

You will be learning words that occur 150 times or more in the Greek Testament. There are 176,122 word occurrences in the Greek Testament, and these 111 words account for xxx,xxx of those occurrences, or xx%.

You should write out each word, say it, and memorize its meaning. Watch the semicolon; it divides words into their different basic glosses.

On each entry you will see the word’s GK number. GK stands for the Goodrich/Kohlenberger number, a competing numbering system to Strongs and one that I use.  At the bottom is a concordance of all the word’s uses in the New Testament to give you context for how the word is used.