Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Chapter 17 Vocabulary

You already have learned all the conjunctions and related words occurring 150 times or more in the New Testament, but here they are for your review.


γάρ    for
δέ (δ᾽)    and; but
ἵνα    in order that, so that; that
καί   and; even, also
μέν   on the one hand
ὅτι    that; because


ἀλλά (ἀλλ᾽)    but
ἐάν    if
εἰ    if
ἤ    or; than
μέν    on the one hand
οὖν    therefore
τε    and


καθώς     as, just as
οὕτως    thus, so; in this manner
τότε    then
ὡς    as (“like”)