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Bible Study Greek

Welcome to our Bible Study Greek class. For more information, see our landing page. All the free resources teachers and students will need are listed in the Orientation lesson below.

The third edition of Greek for the Rest of Us is now available. The biggest changes are a significant reordering of the chapters and great homework. If you are using the second edition of the textbook or the videos, we strongly recommend that you attend this online class for the third edition, simply. You will find that with the new order of classes and the homework, you will be able to learn and use Bible Study Greek much more effectively. We have rearranged the vocabulary to evenly disperse it over chapters 3 – 13. You can download the vocabulary list here (January 2020).

If you want to work with the online class for the second edition, click here.

Click here to download a list of the chapter changes from the second to the third edition.

Lesson Completed
20. Verbs (Tense)

It is time to get deeper into the five tenses in the indicative mood and the variations possible within each one, and also look at issues of voice. Like cases, tenses in Greek are more flexible than in English, and aspect plays a greater role than time.

21. Phrasing 103

Now it is time to venture in Greek phrasing. It is not as frightening as you might expect.

22. Verbs (Moods)

In this chapter we will look at the nonindicative moods (subjunctive, imperative) as well as the infinitive. Now that we are outside of the indicative, we can really see Greek aspect at work.

23. Participles

Participles are "-ing" words that can function adjectivally and adverbially, the latter being especially flexible in meaning and accounting for many of the common differences among translations.

24. Phrasing 104

In our final time together phrasing in Greek, we will look at one of the great theological passages in the Bible, Titus 2:11–14.

25. Verbal Odds n’ Ends

Time to fill in the blanks on verbal grammar that didn't fit into any previous chapter. We will learn about transitive and intransitive verbs, active and passive voices, how to state purpose and ask questions, and especially articular infinitives.

26. Odds n’ Ends

In this final lesson, we will look at idioms, partial inflection, conditional sentences, and issues of word order.


Let's remind ourselves of all that we have learned. It is quite a substantial amount of information.

Previous Chapters

There were four additional chapters in the first and second edition of Greek for the Rest of Us. They were omitted in the third edition, but you can read them here.