Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards


Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards

Written by: Dr. Miles Van Pelt and Dr. Gary Pratico
Format: Paper flash cards
List Price: $13.99
ISBN: 0-310-25986-X
Publisher: Zondervan


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These flashcards are keyed to lessons in the four leading Hebrew grammars (Pratico/Van Pelt, Futato, Ross, and Seow) and allow you to quiz yourself on Hebrew vocabulary . Each card has a frequency number, and includes unusual forms of verbs. Cards 1-979 contain all words that occur 30 or more times (except proper names) and cards 980-1,000 contain select proper names and words occurring less than 30 times. These cards are part of the Zondervan Vocabulary Builder Series.

An alphabetical list of all the words in the 1,000 cards included in the box of Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards. There are two versions of these cards.