Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Searching for the hard words

This is probably the most important feature of FlashWorks. The idea is to let FlashWorks help you learn what words you know and what words you don't, and then allow you to be quizzed just on the words that require practice.

When you are in manual mode and looking at the definition, you can tell FlashWorks whether you got the definition right or wrong by clicking on the appropriate button.

You can also change the difficulty rating manually by changing the selection of the menu at the bottom on the screen (when the definition is showing).

Don't forget to save the changes FlashWorks is making to remember your Right and Wrong clicks.


Then, when you set your search parameters, you can decide which words you want to find. For example, search for all words in Chapters 6-9 that have a degree of difficulty set at 4 or higher.



All words in the database are set to 5. If you tell FlashWorks that you have gotten word right 3 times, that 5 is decremented to 4, and after 3 more times decremented to 3, etc. If you tell is you got the word wrong 3 times, the number is incremented, although not past 5.