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Keys to the quizzes are done, and more

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Dear Friends,

Good news. One of the most asked for items are the answers to the quizzes. Thanks to Joseph Habib at the Reformed Theological Seminary they are now available. You can download the answers from the first lecture of the class (click here).( There are not yet keys to the section reviews.)

You may have noticed the new link on each lecture page, "FlashWorks." This is not the FlashWorks app you can download. This is a web-based version that has a different function. Eventually both will have the same feature set. The goal of the web-based FlashWorks is to help you learn the vocabulary for the chapter. It walks you though the vocabulary different ways; please click on the "Instructions" link to see exactly what is happening. This is a work in progress so don't be surprised if there are some hiccups.

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Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

My good friend Dan Wallace sent out this newsletter. It is exciting news and I told him I would share it with you. (Dan wrote the standard second year Greek grammar, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics.)

On January 7, the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts’ Executive Director, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, and Research Manager, Robert D. Marcello, traveled to Athens to meet with the Director of the National Library, Filippos Tsimboglou. After meeting with the Director last September to begin discussions of a collaboration, they worked out final negotiations and signed a contract for CSNTM to digitize all the New Testament manuscripts of the National Library. This is a historic collaboration between one of the five largest repositories of Greek New Testament manuscripts and the world’s leading institute in digitizing Greek New Testament manuscripts. Approximately 300 manuscripts with 150,000+ pages of text will be digitized over the next two years. CSNTM is excited to be working with Dr. Tsimboglou and his staff on this strategic undertaking.

The Center is doing extremely important work, and I encourage you to support them financially as I do.



Bill Mounce

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