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Greek Christmas Present

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Dear Friends,

We've just done something rather radical. We cut the price of our Biblical Greek Primer video series almost in half, just in time for Christmas.

If you or any of your friends have wanted to learn a little Greek so that you can go deeper in your Bible study, then this is the perfect Christmas present.

You can read about our Foundational Greek approach here and even attend the initial lectures for free. You can also visit our online class that will walk with you and your friends through the material.

I want to thank those of you who have been sending in corrections to my different books. It is greatly appreciated, and every error has been corrected in the latest printing. I am thankful to Zondervan for their willingness to continually improve the books.

Gary and Miles are hard at work creating an online Hebrew class that parallels their textbook, Basics of Biblical Hebrew. They have also agreed that if you buy one of their sets of Hebrew lectures, you get lectures from both professors. Two for the price of one. Such a deal.

Teknia is all about loving to learn the biblical languages. We trust that our resources are helping you do precisely that.


Bill Mounce

P.S. Please start your shopping at Amazon at; we donate all affiliate fees to Come to the home page and click on the Amazon graphic; you can also create a custom bookmark so that you do not have to come to Teknia. Last month we were able to donate $1,143.52 to their ministry (donations are listed here, at the bottom of the page). Let's give BT a really good Christmas present this year.