Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Free Greek-English Interlinear Bible

I'm finishing up the third edition of Greek for the Rest of Us, and I realized that I needed a free website where you can see the Greek behind the English. Check out You can also get to it from the main menu on

I am just at the beginning of building out this site. The next step is to make the dictionary show formatted text; right now you can still see the coding, but it is readable. I will also be adding in a concordance.

Currently, it shows the following:

  1. English word (from my translation)
  2. Inflected Greek word
  3. Lexical Greek word
  4. Transliteration of the lexical form
  5. Parsing
  6. GK and Strong's numbers
  7. The full English verse

Just enter the biblical reference and click on Lookup verse. When you click on a word, it shows the dictionary entry in the bottom field.