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Bill Mounce's Bookstore

It may not be The Shop around the Corner, but I have teamed up with CBD ( to have my own electronic bookstore. Right now it only lists my books, but you can order any book CBD carries, which is almost every one of them. As I have time, I will be making my recommended book lists.

I would appreciate it if you would make all your book purchases through this store. The profits will go to help cover my costs for running and continuing to develop free stuff to help the world learn Greek.

You can get to it by clicking on the link on my homepage (click on the image of books on the right side, or on the link in the footer), or just go to

I really appreciate your help. I am almost done with the fourth edition of Basics of Biblical Greek. The goal is to have it at ETS next November. I will be spending most of my time between now and then updating the website and adding some significant new features. Also working on the next update of FlashWorks.

Thanks for your help.