Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Bible Study Greek (Greek for the Rest of Us) Price Change

Now that we are done creating all the lectures and ancillary material for our Bible Study Greek course, we need to start charging the list price of $149. However, to help with the transition, you can buy them before July 9 for $129 ($89 for online access).

These video lectures will allow the author, Bill Mounce, to walk with you through each chapter, explaining the concepts so that you do not have to learn alone. The videos are for all the textbook, Greek for the Rest of Us.

You can now learn enough Greek without the headaches of traditional language learning to:

  • Read and pronounce Greek words
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Greek noun and verbal system
  • Conduct effective Greek word studies
  • Learn the basics of Greek exegesis for Bible study
  • Understand why translations are different
  • Read better commentaries
  • Be comfortable using reverse and traditional interlinears
  • Understand the information displayed by Bible software.

I encourage you to take advantage of this price before July 9.