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Audio Lectures updated for the third edition of BBG

Now that the third edition of Basics of Biblical Greek; Third Edition is out, we have updated the audio lectures. The actual text of the two editions is sufficiently similar so that Bill only had to redo the lectures for Chapters 20, 35, and the new 36. A few of the references to section numbers in the second edition might not match the third, but other than that the basic content is the same. (Click here to see a list of the basic differences between editions.)

If you have already purchased the lectures for the second edition, don't worry about upgrading. We will put the three updated lectures on the online course for free. You're welcome ;-)

Bill is hard at work on the video lectures, and they should be available late second quarter. Remember, it is cheaper to buy the current lectures and upgrade to the video later than to buy the video when it is available. See a list of our current prices and upgrade costs.

When the videos are available, we will announce them on the home page.