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Hebrew for the Rest of Us

The purpose of Hebrew for the Rest of Us (HRU) is to help people study the Old Testament better by taking fuller advantage of the new tools currently available to English-only Bible students. The primary audience is those who do not have time or opportunity to master Biblical Hebrew. Students of full Hebrew, though, have also found HRU helpful for its discussions of certain items of grammar.

Students learn how to read Hebrew words and understand just enough about Biblical Hebrew so that they can increase their ability to make observations on the biblical text and read more advanced works with greater understanding. They will also learn how to study words properly and apply Bible study techniques. As a result of completing this study, students will understand the English Bibles better and follow the reasoning of Bible scholars.

Lesson Completed
Canon, Text, and Versions

Learn some basic information on the transmission, collection, and translation of the Old Testament. This also gives a little more time to learning the vowels.

Be Sure You Read This! - The Article

Understand some about the form and functions of the Hebrew article and how to distinguish it from other similar looking features in Hebrew.

A Tale of Two States - Case Functions

Understand Hebrew and English case systems with special attention on the construct and absolute states in Hebrew. Special attention is given to the functions of the construct chain.

An Apt Description - Adjectives

Understanding the Hebrew adjective and the similarities and differences compared to English.

Tools of the Trade – Books in Paper and Electronic Form

Gain a strategy for building a library.

Form for Word Study

A blank form to use for doing word studies.

Action Figures

An index of charts in HRU to use for flowcharting and for analyzing functions.