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Vocabulary form: 

a as in father



Alpha as in the "alpha dog". Its the first letter of the alphabet

Do mnemonic mean comment? I am trying to use the free version of Basics of Biblical Greek. I am here and asked to do something I am not sure about.

It doesn't mean comment. They are devices you can use for simplifying an idea or concept into a word or phrase that you may easily remember the whole idea or concept.

For example. The Genitive case is the one that shows possession. I remember this by saying "Jenny owned it." That is a mnemonic device. Jenny helps me remember genitive. Owned it reminds me of the plural case ending omega nu which makes the "own" sound. Own also means ownership which reminds me of possession.

a as in panther

Alpha as in alphabet first letter in the greek




"α" is the fAther of the ALPHAbet

Alpha as is alphabet

Alpha dog

Biblical Concordance

Either this word does not occur in the New Testament, or it occurs too frequently to show.