Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Ideas to add to the next version of flashworks

1. A repeat button would be great so you could repeat the current word. Currently if you want to repeat, you have to click "next" and then "previous". Ideally, the repeat button would appear after the definition of a word has been given. When you click on repeat, the first slide for the word without the definition would reappear and flashworks would "say" the word again, and the "repeat" button would change into a "next" button. You would then click "next" and see the slide with the definition again, and the same "next" button would once again turn into the "repeat" button. That way you can just keep repeating by clicking on the same button over and over, seeing and hearing the same word over and over without having to move the mouse.

2. Make it an option to allow the current session to run on a continuous loop in either auto or manual without the "last word, starting over" window popping up. Or perhaps eliminate that window all together. Either way the idea is to allow flashwords to continue uninterrupted.

3. Make an option where in the same custom session with a continuous loop, flashworks repeats the words you get wrong with greater frequency. Or make an option where at the end of a session, the words you got wrong get singled out and then flashworks repeats those until you master them.

4. Make an option to create custom session in which you choose which words are in thee session by vocab card number. This would be a great help. You could practice just certain words from several chapters that you still are having trouble with.

Thanks for considering these.