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Advanced Bible Study using Church Greek

People want to know Greek. They want to know the language of the New Testament. They don't want to have to trust English to get at the words of God. They want to use Greek in their Bible study.

If you feel this way, then Church Greek is for you. Church Greek is a new approach to learning Greek where you are actually learning the language but you are also making efficient use of the tools. It cuts way down on memorization and review and enhances Bible Study.

Church Greek is built around several of Bill Mounce's resources. Bill is also working on a college/seminary class and a weekend seminar for teaching Church Greek in the local church. Links are provided below so you can purchase the books from or

1. Online class for Functional Foundations of Greek

Online class

Bill is teaching the class at Western Seminary, August, 2010, and is using the online course, the Functional Foundations of Greek. He will be presenting the information differently from the current edition of Greek for the Rest of Us in preparation for a second edition, due sometime in 2011.

2. Greek for the Rest of Us

Greek for the Rest of Us

Greek for the Rest of Us is the core to our Church Greek approach. It teaches you the Greek language in easy to understand terms without bogging you down in the intricacies of the language.

If you want to learn more, you can always use Bill's textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, the standard for Greek instruction around the world..

You may also want to listen to Bill Mounce's lectures.

Learn more about Greek for the Rest of Us.

3. Mounce's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words

Mounce's Dictionary

Want to know what the Greek and Hebrew words behind your English translation really mean? This is the book for you, whether you know Greek and Hebrew or not. It contains three different dictionaries that give you different levels of information about the English, Greek, and Hebrew words in the Bible

Learn more about Mounce's Dictionary.

4. Interlinear for the Rest of Us

Interlinear for the Rest of Us

The first reverse Interlinear for New Testament Word Studies. Unlike traditional interlinears, this one changes the order of the Greek words to more naturally line up with the NIV text. With it you can find the Greek words behind the English.

If you prefer traditional interlinears that maintain Greek word order, Bill offers three.

Learn more about the Interlinear for the Rest of Us

5. Phrasing: Advanced Bible Study Methods


The purpose for all these resources is to enable the serious Bible student to study the biblical text and exegete its meaning. Phrasing is the methodology that uses these books and will help you achieve your Bible study goals. More information is forthcoming.

With these resources and Bill's teaching, you can learn to study your New Testament at depths you never expect to be able to.