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Wiki for Chapter 12

The wiki is to give the Greek community an opportunity to share their ideas about how to learn the current chapter. Feel free to enter your own exercises. In order to enter Greek, please be sure to use Unicode Greek. (For instructions, see the side bar.)

I am not sure if I am doing this on the correct place, so if not please let me know where I am to do this.  Thanks.


I have a question for one of the warm up translations which I have repeated below:


πιστεὺω τὸ αὐτό


The answer is given as: I believe the same thing.


I thought the answer would be: I believe it.


It seems to me from listening to the audio answer that the article is doing something here to not allow αὐτό to be translated as it.   Will someone explain this better to me.




Because αὐτό has the article τὸ in front of it and there is not a noun that agrees in case, number and gender, then τὸ αὐτό is acting as an "Identical Adjective" which is translated "same" or "the same". This third use of αὐτός is by far the least common but you can always identify it by the presence of the article and the absence of a noun that agrees. The word "thing" is supplied by the translator because αὐτό is a neuter word. You can read all about this in Chapter 12 under "12.11 Use 3: Identical Adjective" in the Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar by William D. Mounce. 


I hope that helps!