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For an Informed Love of God

Free Hebrew Font: TekniaHebrew

This is the first pass at the Hebrew for TekniaHebrew. It prints well but needs to be cleaned up for the screen. We are making it available primarily for people using TekniaBingo and FlashWorks.

Download the latest version of the font

Download the Macintosh TrueType font. The free Stuffit Expander is required to decompress the file. Decompress the file and put the font files into the "System Folder/Fonts" directory.

You can download a program that will install TekniaHebrew into Windows and leave a second copy in your Teknia directory.

Download the keyboard layout

Download a PDF file that shows you the keyboard layout where all the Hebrew characters are located. You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to read the pdf document (unless you are using System X on the Macintosh).


Because the font is free, we are not able to provide support.