Bill Mounce

For an Informed Love of God

Exercises for Chapter 4

In the video we covered basic issues of inflection for both nouns and verbs. In your homework, we are only going to cover English noun inflection. Greek noun inflection is covered in the next chapter, and verb inflection will be covered in chapter 7.

Noun terminology

Define each of the terms and give an example (in Enlgish)

  1. Inflection
  2. Noun
  3. The three English cases and the primary function of each.
  4. Indirect object
  5. The two English "numbers"
  6. The three English genders
  7. The difference between grammatical gender (what Bill discusses in the book) and natural gender.

English Searches

1.  Search for "flesh" in the New Testament, and then in John.

2. Search for "flesh" and related forms in John.

3. Do a phrase search for "flesh and blood," and then for any verse with the words "flesh" and "blood" in them.

English-Greek Searches

1. Search for all forms of σάρξ ("flesh") but using an English text, and display the results in English.

2. What are the main ways in which σάρξ is translated? (Hint: in Accordance check out Analysis.)

3. Does σάρξ ever occur in the plural?


1. What is the semantic range of σάρξ?